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Environmental Services


Lake & Wetland Management

Our experience includes all phases of wetland management. Including the creation of a newly “created” system known as mitigation, to the ongoing maintenance of a preexisting preserve.

We can handle simple wetland buffer maintenance or preserve enhancement projects utilizing our many years of herbicide application experience.

No matter what stage your project is at we can handle it from initial exotic removal to native plant installation and ongoing maintenance.

Brazilian Pepper Removal

The Brazilian pepper is probably the single most destructive exotic species within the state of Florida as it rapidly out-competes all native vegetation.

Brazilian peppers are on the State of Florida’s prohibited plant list. It is illegal to cultivate, sell or transport them.

Help eliminate the spread of these invasive plants by having Aquatic Consulting, Inc. remove them from your property.

We have several solutions for the Brazilian pepper depending on site conditions and budget including but not limited to:

1. Forestry mulching the trees in place - 2. Hand removal with chainsaw and disposal of the trees - 3. Herbicide treatment of trees to kill in place.

We can come up with a program that is budget friendly and will get results and we happily provide many references of satisfied customers.

Invasive Plant Removal

We're committed to protecting the unique ecosystems of Venice, Florida and surrounding areas. Invasive plant species can disrupt these delicate environments, outcompete native vegetation, and threaten biodiversity. Our invasive plant removal services are designed to combat this issue while minimizing impact on the surrounding landscape.

We utilize safe and effective methods to remove invasive plants, prioritizing manual removal and selective herbicide application whenever possible. Our team is knowledgeable about local invasive species and employs responsible techniques to ensure their eradication.

By partnering with ACI, you can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future, fostering the natural beauty of our community.

Drainage Swale Cleaning - Before



Drainage Swale Cleaning - After
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